using the DeltaScan to effectively detect & monitor delirium

Medical device based on EEG

EEG (electroencephalographam) is the depiction of the electrical activity in the brain.  As delirium is acute failure of the brain, DeltaScan is practical device to detect and monitor delirium in patients.
It can be used by healthcare professionals (nurses and doctors) at the patient’s bedside. The patient’s brain activity is quickly scanned for the specific delirium features. Delirium leads to slowing in the EEG spectrum.
DeltaScan is intended and designed for daily monitoring of patients who are at risk of delirium.

How to use…

DeltaScan consists of a portable Monitor, an EEG cable and disposable electrode Patches.
DeltaScan is for professional use by doctors and nurses.
The patient’s brain activity is scanned via a DeltaScan Patch, that gently sticks to the patient’s head for about a minute. The Patch can be removed and disposed of as soon as the scan is made.
The DeltaScan Monitor provides a Delirium Probability, a number on a scale of 1 to 5.  The Delirium Probability should always be interpreted by the professsional user, in conjunction with other available clinical signs for clinical judgment. The Delirium Probability is indicative for the detected amount of delirium features in the patient’s brain activity.
A high number (5) means high correspondence to brain activity seen in patients classified by delirium experts as delirious, or in other words: ‘very likely delirium’.
A low number (1) means ‘very unlikely delirium’.

How it works

As delirium is acute failure of the brain, with DeltaScan it is possible to scan the patient’s brain activity for delirium features. Every patient can be monitored every shift. It is nearly as simple as measuring a blood pressure.

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