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Since founding the company in 2015, and starting small as a University Medical Center Utrecht spin-off, Prolira has now grown to a core team of 15 experienced professionals. Our team is dedicated to deliver high-quality delirium detection & monitoring to support health care professionals in delivering the best delirium care.

Always with a twinkle of excitement and enthusiasm in our eyes.

Prolira is a VC-backed company and is supported by the European Horizon 2020 SME programme.

The management team

General Management & Technology

  Rutger van Merkerk, PhD, MSc. 

CEO, founder

Has a wealth of experience in the medical device market, working as a business development manager for medical devices in the University Medical Center Utrecht since 2007. He identified and managed many device development projects. He successfully managed to bring two monitoring devices from idea to market; the Evalan SensiStep and the LivAssured Nightwatch.

Business Development, Market Access & Public Relations

  Annemarie Willems, MSc.

Chief Business Development, founder

Has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience in the international medical device market, always involved in realisation of innovative medical devices. With particularly long experience in planning/quoting and realization of concepts into manufactured single use products (Medisize), entrepreneurship and realization of innovative medical devices (Mount Medical).

Annemarie Willems

+ 31 6 22 97 89 72

Sales & Marketing

 Sjoerd Kruijff, MSc.

Chief Sales & Marketing 

Sjoerd is a strong health care professional with an over 15-year proven track record in Commercial Innovation, Corporate Venturing, and regular commercial activities such as marketing and sales. Sjoerd ‘s core capabilities are commercial strategy development (marketing and sales, Innovation), perfect execution: ability to convert strategy to business growth and market share. Sjoerd is a pure team player with a high energy level and innovative thinker who motivates teams and partners.

Sjoerd Kruijff

+ 31 6 38 29 41 47

 Tjeerd de Boorder, PhD

Chief Clinical Officer

Tjeerd has a background in biotechnology and zoology and has 6 years of experience as OR technician. He also worked  for 13 years at the department of medical technology and clinical physics of the university medical center Utrecht and obtained extensive experience in research and implementation of innovative medical technology.

Clinical specialists team

The DeltaScan innovation is based on clinical experience and land mark research of the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) in the Netherlands, led by Prof. Dr. Slooter, Professor of Intensive Care Neuropsychiatry and his brain at risk team. The UMCU continues to be a close cooperation partner for the medical research on which Prolira’s technology is based.

 Ilse Kant, PhD

Clinical specialist

Is a technical physician that performed her PhD research in the group of Prof. Dr. Slooter, at the department of  Intensive Care of University Medical Center Utrecht. She specialized in medical image analysis techniques and neuroimaging in the field of frailty and delirium in elderly patients. She continued as a postdoctoral researcher working on the CLEO study: Clinical Evaluation of DeltaScan, and joined Prolira as a Clinical Specialist in September, 2019.

+31 6 4806 2436

Market introduction team

Prolira’s market introduction team first focus is N-European hospitals. The team is supported by international industry advisors with a wealth of experience in the hospital vital signs monitoring market.

 Robin Benthem

Account Manager DeltaScan 

Robin is sales professional with 16 years of sales experience in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Robin has worked with a various set of stakeholders and has a proven track record in this field of expertise. Because of his extended sales experience and his technical background – combined with his enthusiasm and drive – customers see Robin as a partner rather than just a salesperson.

+31 6 14 72 17 58

Technical team

Prolira’s technical team consists of international EEG experts / algoritm developers / software specialists from a.o. Canada and the Netherlands. 

Advisory board

  Prof. Dr. Arjen Slooter

Medical Advisor

Arjen Slooter is Professor of Intensive Care Neuropsychiatry at University Medical Center Utrecht the Netherlands, chair of the delirium section of the American Society of Critical Care Medicine guideline committee, and president elect of the European Delirium Association. His research activities focus on delirium and on long-term neuropsychiatric outcome after critical illness or anesthesia and surgery, using both epidemiological and neuroscientific (EEG, MRI) tools. He is a clinical advisor to Prolira without any financial personal interest in the company. Any (future) profits from EEG-based delirium monitoring will be used for scientific research only.

  Dr. Frans Leijten

EEG expert

Frans Leijten, MD, PhD. (EEG and clinical expertise) is neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist. Working most of his career with EEG based epilepsy diagnosis and epileptic surgery. He is head of the EEG department and the monitoring unit for invasisve EEG recordings at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Dr Leijten has a special interest in innovative medical companies and he contributes with his wealth of knowledge to Prolira’s EEG based DeltaScan.

  Boudewijn Bollen

Medical Monitoring Industry expert

Boudewijn Bollen is advisor to Prolira, since 2015. As a former senior board member of American medical monitoring device companies, he is specialized in European market introduction and market growth for novel medical monitoring parameters and devices. He played a major role in the market succes of a.o: – Aspect Medical, that developed and introduced the BIS monitor (an EEG based patient monitor to measure the depth of anaesthesia during surgery). Aspect Medical was sold to Covidien (currently Medtronic) in 2009. – Nellcor SpO2 sensor (the world’s first disposable oxygen saturarion sensor, which nowadays is part of standard vital signs monitoring in every hospital).

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