Prolira E-learning modules

E-learning modules

Prolira has developed, in collaboration with healthcare professionals, a series of online e-learning modules. The subject of module 1 and 2 (for doctors and nurses) is delirium, which specifically examines the possible delirium interventions. All interventions are to minimize the duration and consequences of delirium and to eventually ensure better outcomes for the patient.

The subject of the third module is the practical use of DeltaScan.

E-learning modules are soon available in English


Below you can find a section where you can download our brochures.

Our brochures are specially developed to inform healthcare professionals. The content of these brochures is:

  • Delirium in general (facts and figures)
  • Why is detection and monitoring of delirium necessary?
  • What are the consequences of delirium? (facts and numbers)
  • What is the role of EEG and DeltaScan in the detection and monitoring of delirium?

Revision number: 2

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