FAQ’s Prolira-DeltaScan

How does DeltaScan work?

DeltaScan is a so called bedside EEG. You need to be trained to use the device. But once trained, it’s fairly easy to apply on patients. Within 4 minutes – including appliance and removal of the Single Use Patch – you will have a clear outcome indicating the probability of a delirium in your patient.

Please click below to watch a video on how to use DeltaScan.

How often do I have to use DeltaScan?

DeltaScan was designed to replace the questionnaire (e.g. ICDSC, CAM-ICU, DOSS) used on your department to detect and monitor delirium. According to your local or hospital guideline – every nursing shift (2 or 3 times a day) the patient needs to be monitored on developing a delirium.

What happens with the data after the measurement with DeltaScan?

DeltaScan does not register any patient data such as patient number, age or sex. DeltaScan is a measurement of the brain activity of the patient at that time by using EEG. EEGs recorded by DeltaScan can therefore never be traced back to a specific patient. If agreed with the hospital, the data will be collected by Prolira and used for further training/improvement of the algorithm of DeltaScan.

Which accessories come with DeltaScan?

DeltaScan comes on a high quality roll stand. Together with the DeltaScan monitor we deliver Single Use Patches and some extra materials to conduct a perfect measurement with DeltaScan.

Does the patient experience any discomfort from the electrodes on their face?

No, a measurement with DeltaScan is harmless and without any discomfort or pain.

How many scans can I do with DeltaScan before it has to be recharged?

Depending on the intensity of usage the battery of DeltaScan needs to be recharged. We do advise to recharge twice weekly to ensure enough power to conduct your delirium detection and monitoring of all risk patients in your department.

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