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    Prolira-DeltaScan Partner details for Germany (Orion Pharma):

    Dr. Stephan Ganslmeier
    Sales Manager

    Dr. Marina Bosch

    Key Account Manager South-East

    Sonja Gerberding

    Key Account Manager North-West

    Mark Kaltner

    Key Account Manager West

    Dr. Detlev Kellerwessel

    Key Account Manager South-West

    Kathrin Kröger

    Key Account Manager North-East

    René Langbein

    Key Account Manager East

    Sabine Schüler

    Key Account Manager South

    Annette Siedler

    Key Account Manager North

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      We offer 3 free e-learning modules, each of about 10 minutes, that
      are informative and interactive, partly because they contain videos: 

      1. for nurses: delirium and acute encephalopathy
      2. for doctors: delirium
      3. for healthcare professionals: Prolira-DeltaScan use

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