The Epidemic within the Covid19 Pandemic: Delirium

May 11, 2020

This New York Times article reports delirium being omnipresent in Covid19 patients.

Scores of phycisians from around the world report a rise in delirium of up to 70 percent because of Covid-19, says Dr Inouye (USA).
It is occurring in both younger and older patients.
Because of the restrictions on visitation and care to limit infection, Arjen Slooter, president of the European Delirium Association, told her, “it’s difficult to provide the humanistic care necessary to prevent delirium.” Dr. Slooter practices in the Netherlands, a world leader in Intensive Care Neuropsychiatry, but even there, he said, “All our patients are delirious, just like 20 years ago.”

Read the full article by clicking on the following link:


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