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    About Prolira B.V.

    Prolira was founded in 2015 as a medical technological startup (spin-off) from the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). Prolira’s DeltaScan, a MDR certified medical device, is developed based on unmet clinical need to detect delirium sooner and more frequent. DeltaScan’s technology is based on cutting-edge clinical research led by neurologist intensivist Prof. Arjen Slooter and his ‘Brain at Risk’ research group.

    Prolira consists of a team of more than fifteen high skilled and experienced professionals. Our team is committed to better detect & monitor delirium to help healthcare professionals and providers to deliver the best possible delirium care to their patients.

    Prolira is supported by professional Venture Capital funds and by the EU Horizon 2020 program for promising innovations.


    Currently we have no vacancies.

    DeltaScan® is an EU registered trademark (Certificate Nr 018280613) Version 2.0

    Prolira BV
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    The Netherlands


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