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Prolira develops a medical device for early detection and monitoring of delirium

Delirium is an acute disturbance of both consciousness and cognition.
It is a very common complication throughout healthcare: It appears in 50 to 80% of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients, and one in eight hospitalised elderly.
Worldwide millions of people are affected every year. Advanced age is undisputedly one of the main risk factors for delirium. As the world population is ageing, the amount of patients at risk of delirium will double in the next decades.

Delirium is a medical emergency, that must be detected to be treated. It is associated with increased mortality (10% higher per delirium-day), longer hospitalisation, increased admission to nursing homes, more often dementia. Especially these irreversible, long term effects are devastating for patients, as they can not return to the life they had before. Delirium leads to significantly increased healthcare costs.

Despite its frequency and impact, recognition of delirium is poor. In everyday healthcare settings 50 - 70% is missed or detected too late.
Prolira will change this by providing the first objective delirium monitor, enabling improved and early detection, and better patient recovery.
The figure below illustrates the impact of Prolira's solution.



Impact of early detection