DetectiON & Monitoring of Delirium

Using the Prolira DeltaScan to objectively detect & monitor delirium improves patient care in hospitals Contact usOur solution
“Our innovation is a breakthrough in delirium care”


DeltaScan is the world’s first objective medical device to detect and monitor delirium,
acute brain failure.
Our proprietary technology measures brain activity, via electroencephalography (EEG). With DeltaScan, delirium can be monitored like all other vital signs, effectively and easily.



With DeltaScan, healthcare professionals can measure their patient’s brain activity and detect delirium as soon as it develops. It is our ambition to equip healthcare professionals with the right tool to detect delirium in every patient. And as early as possible, as it is a medical emergency.


Prolira’s DeltaScan improves the quality of care and patient safety. Healthcare professionals can objectively monitor every patient every shift.
It improves compliance with medical guidelines and makes documentation and communication about patient results practical and precise.

Why Prolira’s DeltaScan

Delirium detection is complicated and confusing. International guidelines say and research shows that in current practice only 30 to 50% of the delirium cases are detected. Patients, caregivers, and hospitals are suffering the consequences, while healthcare cost keep rising.
To help healthcare professionals detect delirium, better and in time, DeltaScan is created.

Prolira’s DeltaScan improves patient safety and the quality of care. Improved delirium detection and recognition, improves patient outcome and reduces hospital length of stay, while reducing healthcare costs. Using DeltaScan is beneficial for patients, their families, healthcare professionals and budget holders.

Old Situation:

DeltaScan Solution:

How it works

As delirium is acute failure of the brain, with DeltaScan it is possible to scan the patient’s brain activity for delirium features. Every patient can be monitored every shift. It is nearly as simple as measering a blood pressure.

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