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EEG-Based Brain Health Biomarker

Take the guesswork out of it, know your patient's brain state

Objective 5-minute test for improved delirium management and neurotoxic-related treatments to support timely interventions.

A top public health priority

Acute encephalopathy and delirium are the most common post-op complication in older adults 

Each year, approximately 50% of surgical and ICU patients in the US and Europe are at risk of developing acute brain failure and delirium¹.

Annual health system and societal costs are estimated at €320B in the U.S. and EU, rivaling costs associated with heart disease and diabetes².


“Up to 88% of delirious patients go undetected in daily care practice³”

Marcantonio, 2017, The New England Journal of Medicine

Webinar 2024 Series

Webinar: Improved Delirium Management in Cardiothoracic Patients

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Our journey so far

Prolira achievements to date 

Exclusive technology license from University Medical Center Utrecht
Product Development and 434 patient Multi-Center Study
3 clinical studies completed and enrolling in more
CE certified according to EU MDR since 2020
FDA Clearance
Establishing Clinical & Strategic Partnerships 

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sources: ¹ American Geriatric Society ² Inouye et al. 2014 ³ Marcantonio, et al. N Engl J Med 2017

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