Detection & monitoring for delirium

Improve patient care through objective detection & monitoring for delirium

DeltaScan revolutionises delirium care

DeltaScan has been created to help healthcare providers to detect and monitor for delirium. DeltaScan’s development was initiated by clinicians to tackle delirium and to improve patient recovery.

Medical device based on EEG

Delirium is also called acute confusion or acute brain dysfunction. EEG (electroencephalography) is a method of measuring electrical activity in the brain. The brain activity of people with delirium is different from those without; in particular in the Delta spectrum (slow waves) the EEG deviates.

We developed Prolira DeltaScan to detect delirium more frequently and earlier. DeltaScan is an objective medical instrument and works on the basis of a 1-channel EEG signal. EEG has proven to be a biomarker for delirium (Source: Van der Kooi et al., 2015, Chest). The 1-channel EEG, made with DeltaScan, clearly shows a difference between delirium and non-delirium (Source: Van der Kooi et al., 2015, Chest). Delirium is characterized by strong and delayed waves in an EEG (Source: Van der Kooi et al., 2015, Chest / Kimchi et al., 2019, Neurology). These waves are called polymorphic Delta waves (figure 1). When there is no delirium, these waves don’t present themselves (figure 2).

Why would you choose DeltaScan?

Approximately 33% of admitted patients over 70 years of age will develop delirium. Half of this group is suffering from delirium at time of admission and the other half will develop delirium during their hospital stay. According to international guidelines and research, only 12% to 35% of delirium cases are currently recognized in clinical practice (Source: Marcantonio, 2017, NEJM).

Improved delirium detection and recognition improves patient outcome and reduces hospital length of stay and hence, will result in reducing healthcare costs.

DeltaScan benefits


DeltaScan is the world’s first objective medical device to detect and monitor for delirium. Objectivity is ensured by electroencephalography (EEG), in combination with our proprietary technology.

Early detection

DeltaScan can detect delirium earlier (1-1.5 days on average) compared to usual care (use of questionnaires such as the DOSS) (Source: Unpublished data, available on request).


DeltaScan can detect delirium better (> 80% sensitivity and> 90% accuracy) compared to usual care (use of questionnaires) (Source: Unpublished data, available on request).

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