• DeltaScan is used in hospitals for detection & monitoring of acute encephalopathy delirium

    DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor

    DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor, a revolution in healthcare

    DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor has been developed to help healthcare professionals detect and monitor acute encephalopathy and delirium. Healthcare professionals were also the ones at the cradle of this development. These professionals are convinced that they can improve recovery of patients when accurately monitoring brain status. The brain provides valuable information about the condition of vulnerable patients.

    We at Prolira believe that acute encephalopathy and delirium are treatable. And that objective detection and monitoring of acute encephalopathy and delirium forms the basis of this rationale. Readon to see why we believe so.

    Medical device based on EEG

    Acute encephalopathy is a severe and rapidly developing (very regular in hours to several days) pathobiological process (disorder/ substrate) in the human brain. Diagnosis is usually made using EEG (ElectroEncephalo-Graphy). Acute encephalopathy in many cases manifests itself in the form of delirium. Delirium is currently diagnosed using questionnaires  – based on  clinical presentation of the symptoms. This often doesn’t go well.

    International guidelines and research shows that up to 88% of patients are missed with the current screening tools (source: Marcantonio, 2017, NEJM). 

    All delirium guidelines endorse the importance of timely detection and daily monitoring. It has been proven that improved detection will lead to better patient outcomes, shorter hospitalizations and lower healthcare costs. 

    Both conditions – acute encephalopathy and delirium – are always the result of an underlying cause! (sources: Slooter, 2020, Int. Care  Med; Hut, 2021 Psych.  Clin. Neurosci).  And it is essential that this underlying cause is determined and treated.

    EEG (Electro-EncephaloGram) is the usual method of measuring electrical activity in the brain, mostly based on 21 channels. EEG has proven itself as a biomarker; EEGs of patients with acute encephalopathy and delirium clearly differ from EEGs of people without these complications.

    DeltaScan’s 1-channel EEG shows that very significant difference as well (source: Van der Kooi et al., 2015,  Chest). Acute encephalopathy and delirium are characterized by high and strongly slowing in waves in the Delta spectrum of the EEG (sources: Van der Kooi et al., 2015, Chest/  Kimchi et al., 2019,  Neurology/Hut, 2021 Psych. Clin. Neurosci.).

    These characteristic waves “polymorphic delta waves” (see Figure 1)
    are absent in patients without acute encephalopathy or delirium (see Figure 2).

    DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor determines whether a patient has polymorphic delta waves or not (objectively) and helps healthcare professionals determine whether their patients have acute encephalopathy or delirium -organ failure of the brain – or not.

    Why choose DeltaScan®?

    DeltaScan® Brain state Monitor helps healthcare professionals with detection & monitoring of acute encephalopathy and delirium through objective brain status measurements of patients.

    This supports healthcare professionals in the following way:  
    1. Provide an objective insight into the patients’ brain status (polymorphic deltawaves yes/no?)
    2. Find and treat underlying (secondary) causes/complications
    3. Monitoring the effect of the treatment (polymorphic deltawaves yes/no?)
    4. Preventing irreversible brain damage as much as possible

    Benefits of DeltaScan


    DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor is the first CE certified medical device for objective detection & monitoring of acute encephalopathy and delirium. The basis is an EEG measurement, which is automatically analyzed by the DeltaScan® AI algorithm.  

    Early detection

    DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor can detect acute encephalopathy and delirium earlier (on average 1 to 1.5 days), compared to the current practice in which regular questionnaires (such as the DOSS/4AT) are used (source: unpublished data, available on request).


    Through the use of DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor, acute encephalopathy and delirium can be detected more frequently (>85% accuracy) compared to the current practice in which questionnaires are used (source: unpublished data, available on request).

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