Label extension for DeltaScan with acute encephalopathy

We are proud to announce that the intended use for DeltaScan® has been expanded. It now also includes the indication acute encephalopathy, in addition to the existing indication delirium. Encephalopathy means “disease of the brain” and acute encephalopathy is a sudden disturbance and change of (the condition of) the brain that can only be diagnosed on the basis of EEG. Acute encephalopathy often manifests as delirium. Delirium is diagnosed on the basis of clinical features.

Both diagnoses are always characterized by an underlying physical cause. Acute encephalopathy and delirium are a medical emergency. Rapid diagnosis & timely treatment of underlying causes are important factors in limiting the severity and the duration of delirium and in reducing the risk of complications from it.

From now on, we call it: DeltaScan Brain State Monitor.

DeltaScan® is an EU registered trademark (Certificate Nr 018280613) Version 2.0

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