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Reshaping acute brain failure and delirium care delivery

Prolira is committed to enabling early and effective treatment of acute encephalopathy and delirium. Every year, 20 million patients are at risk of acute brain failure in EU and US hospitals, which leads to long-term cognitive impairment, extended hospital stays, and increased healthcare costs.

Prolira’s DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor is the world’s first EEG bedside device with a validated proprietary algorithm to support clinicians in their quest to optimize patient recovery. 


Passionately committed to improving patient outcomes


Dominic Spadafore

"With extensive experience in market development and marketing of highly technical products, I've introduced and built markets for two different new concept monitoring devices."



Rutger van Merkerk, PhD

“With a background in strategic tech and regulatory expertise, I successfully developed two monitoring devices and secured $7M in VC investments. Our company also received EU’s first MDR approval followed by FDA 510K clearance.”


Tjeerd de Boorder, PhD
Chief Clinical Officer

“As a clinical expert, I've introduced five products into clinical care during my tenure at Antonius Hospital and UMC Utrecht, and just like my fellow colleagues at Prolira, I'm committed to revolutionizing patient care with early detection of acute encephalopathy."

Social responsibility

Our SDG promises

Prolira’s mission is centered around improving care, focused on reducing cognitive decline of elderly after hospitalization. In doing so, we pay close attention to equality, economic growth and responsible manufacturing. These are our promises in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Improving care

sdg-prolira-good-health-and-well-being-1By applying Prolira’s technology, we improve care for many patients and reduce bed days. Ultimately reducing long-term cognitive decline.

Equal opportunities

sdg-prolira-decent-work-and-economic-growthEach job position provides equal opportunities irrespective of race, ethnicity, and gender. The best person for the job is all that counts.

Economic growth

sdg-industry-innovation-prolira-infraDriven by a commitment to sustainable innovation, Prolira diligently strives to bring about tangible growth both within the organization and across its supply chain.

Resource use

responsible-consumption-prolira-sdgThrough product development, we actively work on reducing plastic waste by introducing recycled plastics in our next generation of products.

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