First CE-certified and FDA-cleared bedside EEG device 

DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor objectively assesses acute brain state in under 5 minutes without requiring specially trained personnel or complicated equipment.

prolira-deltascan-acute encephalopathy-delirium

Easy to interpret display shows a 1 to 5 probability score for the presence of acute encephalopathy and delirium

At last, a physiologic measure of a patient’s brain state designed for the bedside

Objective measurement of polymorphic delta waves in the electroencephalogram (EEG)¹ gives you confidence to pursue the underlying cause for appropriate interventions.

EEG without delirium

Normal EEG

EEG with delirium

EEG with acute encephalopathy a/o delirium

The DeltaScan® difference 

Quickly intervene to improve patient health and prevent acute brain failure complications and costs. 

DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor

Early, objective assessment of brain state ¹
Provides clear five-point scale to trigger investigation of underlying conditions
Diagnostic performance > 85% for acute encephalopathy  
Objective screening protocol allows risk stratification for clinicians providing better deployment of precious nursing resources
Easily assesses normalization of the brain state when treatment is applied

Other approaches 

Using checklists that are highly subjective and require symptoms to be present   
Lack of certainty in evaluating clinical signs often leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment
Only 12-35%² of delirious patients are recognized with current screening tools 
Uncertainty about patient’s brain state using subjective tools does not allow staff to direct care to those in need
Dependent on precious nursing time for qualitative assessment

DeltaScan® simplifies workflow with a simple test for acute encephalopathy and delirium  

Acute encephalopathy (acute brain failure) gives you objective data to improve workflow compared to subjective interpretation of clinical symptoms (hypo-active and hyper-active delirium)
Workflow Difference Delirium

Simple test provides acute encephalopathy and delirium assessment in minutes

Conducted 2-3 times daily and can be performed by any trained staff member (no advanced interpretation required)

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sources: ¹ Ditzel, F.L., et al. Psychiatry Clin Neurosci, 2022; ² Marcantonio, et al. N Engl J Med 2017

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