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FAQ's and IfU


How does DeltaScan® Brain State Monitor work?

DeltaScan is a bedside EEG monitor developed specifically for healthcare professionals. DeltaScan detects polymorphic delta waves. These waves correlate very strongly with acute encephalopathy and delirium.

DeltaScan is designed to be easy to use and interpret. Measurements can be obtained in a matter of minutes. See video below.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I use DeltaScan?

DeltaScan has been developed specifically for the detection & monitoring of acute encephalopathy and delirium. Based on clinical guidelines, a DeltaScan measurement should be performed during each nursing shift (2-3 times per day) for each patient at risk of delirium, just as for example DOSS or CAM-ICU checklists are applied.

What about the privacy of DeltaScan? And what will happen to the data after the DeltaScan measurement?

DeltaScan uses EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraphy) to measure the brain activity of patients. The DeltaScan algorithm (Artificial Intelligence) analyses whether and to what extent delta waves are present in the EEG. These waves correlate very strongly with acute encephalopathy and delirium.

The EEG recordings cannot be traced to a specific patient. DeltaScan does not record any patient details. With the hospital’s consent, Prolira will collect the measurement data and use it for testing and continuous improvement of the DeltaScan algorithm.

What is supplied with the DeltaScan?

DeltaScan is mounted on a high-quality rollstand. In addition to the DeltaScan Monitor, we also supply DeltaScan Patches to attach to the patient’s head. These are single-use patches.

Several other supplies, which we recommend for optimum DeltaScan measurements, are also provided. All the required products have a fixed position on the rollstand.

Do the DeltaScan Patches that are attached to the head cause discomfort for the patient?

No, a DeltaScan measurement is harmless and does not cause discomfort. The patch is removed from the head immediately after the measurement.

How many scans can DeltaScan make before it needs recharging?

The required frequency at which the DeltaScan battery needs to be charged depends on the intensity of use. We recommend charging the battery every day, although it will probably last longer.

Instructions for use

The Instructions for Use (IfU) of your Prolira-DeltaScan can be downloaded from this page.
The compatibility table below lists different versions of the IfU. The IfU required, depends on your DeltaScan Monitor’s hardware and software version.

DeltaScan Monitor Serial numbers Software version DeltaScan Patch version Instruction for Use (iFU)
SN23390001 (Monitor R3) and later v2.6 and later REF 001.000.A 
REF 009.000.B
REF: 014.200.B (English, Dutch and German)
19430001 and later v2.0 until v2.4.6 REF 001.000.A with label V20180727 and/or
REF 009.00.B with label V 1B or V 2B
REF: 006.200.C (English, Dutch and German)
19430001 and later v1.8 and v1.9 REF 001.000.A with label V20180727 and/or
REF 009.000.B with label V 1B or V 2B
REF: 006.201.D (English)
REF: 006.202.C (Nederlands)
REF: 006.203.B (Deutsch)


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