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Marketing & Sales

 Sjoerd Kruijff

Commercial Director

Sjoerd is a strong health care professional with an over 15-year proven track record in Commercial Innovation, Corporate Venturing, and regular commercial activities such as marketing and sales. Sjoerd ‘s core capabilities are commercial strategy development (marketing and sales, Innovation), perfect execution: ability to convert strategy to business growth and market share. Sjoerd is a pure team player with a high energy level and innovative thinker who motivates teams and partners.

 Robin Benthem

Account manager West

Robin has worked in the medical sector since 2003 and has an extensive commercial experience, achieved in various (medical and technological) products in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Robin has an affinity for “evidence based” strategies. Robin’s work is based on medical scientific evidence. Robin is highly motivated to always improve delirium care for patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals.

 Arjen Heida

Account manager East

Arjen is eager to provide advice and support from a strategic perspective to healthcare professionals and hospitals in areas such as patient outcomes and healthcare costs. His advice and support are based on his extensive experience (since 2003) within the pharmaceutical industry as well as independent entrepreneur. Arjen’s drive is to improve healthcare quality, improved outcomes (both short and long term) for patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals.

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