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    Prolira is a medical technology scale-up, founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMC Utrecht).

    Prolira-DeltaScan® was developed because of the clinical need to be able to detect acute encephalopathy and delirium more frequently and at an earlier stage. This is a CE and EU-MDR certified medical device.

    DeltaScan has a solid academic foundation and is based on groundbreaking clinical research lead by neurologist-intensive care specialist Prof. Arjen Slooter and his “Brain at Risk” research group.

    Prolira now consists of a team of fifteen experienced professionals. Our team believes that acute encephalopathy and delirium can be treated effectively. We help healthcare providers to offer patients the best possible care for acute encephalopathy and delirium.

    Prolira has received funding from Venture Capital funds who are familiar with healthcare innovation and by the EU Horizon 2020 programme for promising innovations.


    Dominic Spadafore


    Dominic is a seasoned American medtech executive with over two decades of industry experience and a proven track record of successfully commercializing disruptive medical technologies. He took the role of CEO of Prolira because DeltaScan offers a compelling value proposition for providers and patients impacted by acute brain failure, which is often overlooked and underdiagnosed. He is focusedly working with the talented team to expand access to this novel technology in the US market and key European countries. Prior to joining Prolira as SVP of US Operations in 2022, has held various executive leadership roles in the industry a.o. SVP of Sales and Marketing at Somanetics Corporation (acquired by Covidien), where he led the successful launch of a new hemodynamic vital sign, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Netherlands-based Bmeye BV (acquired by Edwards Life Sciences).

    Rutger van Merkerk, PhD, Msc.

    Chief Operations Officer, founder

    Rutger has many years of experience in the market for medical devices. In the early phase Business Development of academic inventions, he has succeeded in taking various medical (monitoring) products from concept to market. In start-up management he has successfully completed VC investment rounds for device development, clinical trials, CE & EU-MDR certification and market development. Rutger is passionate about business strategy and building companies.

    Annemarie Willems, MSc.

    Chief Business Development, founder

    Annemarie has over twenty years of experience in the field of marketing and sales in the international market for medical devices and focuses on the realisation of innovative medical devices. Her background is in Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft). Over the years, she has gained vast experience working as a Business Development Manager in planning/procurement and the realisation of concepts to large-scale production of medical disposables (Medisize), entrepreneurship and the realisation of innovative medical devices (Mount Medical, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam Technology Transfer Office). Finding and contracting good, strategic partners is important for Prolira’s growth.

    Sjoerd Kruijff, MSc.

    Chief Marketing & Sales

    Sjoerd is a healthcare professional with more than fifteen years experience in the field of Commercial Innovation, Corporate Venturing and general commercial activities, such as medical marketing and sales. Sjoerd’s strength is his ability to develop an “evidence based” commercial strategy and then implement this successfully. This is the reason he is in close daily contact with the clinical implementation team at Prolira!

    Tjeerd de Boorder, PhD

    Chief Clinical Officer

    Tjeerd has a background in biotechnology and zoology and worked as a scrub nurse for six years. He then spent thirteen years working in the Medical Technology and Clinical Physics department of the UMC Utrecht. His activities included offering technical support to patients with a cardiac assist device. He has also gained extensive  experience in the research into and implementation of innovative medical technology. He obtained his PhD in 2018 on “new laser systems for surgery: physical aspects and implementation in the clinic” and is Prolira’s Chief Clinical Officer.

    Clinical implementation / Research

    Jolien van Leijen

    Clinical specialist

    Jolien trained as a nurse and worked on various hospital wards for many years. This was followed by work focusing on the positioning of pharmaceutical products amongst medical specialists and nurses and the market introduction of a new test system for Dutch hospitals. A clear transfer of clinically relevant information was important in all these roles. Jolien joined Prolira’s clinical application team in November 2019.

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    We offer 3 free e-learning modules, each of about 10 minutes, that
    are informative and interactive, partly because they contain videos: 

    1. for nurses: delirium and acute encephalopathy
    2. for doctors: delirium
    3. for healthcare professionals: Prolira-DeltaScan use

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